Established in January, 1953, Chemical Industry Press (CIP) is one of the oldest central government level publishers, engaging in the publication of STM, educational, trade books, as well as electronic publications and scientific periodicals. After nearly 60 years of growth, CIP excels in the publication of general science, and is one of the better known and trusted brands in China, with a relatively large market share; in addition, CIP has been named as one of the “top one hundred publishers in China”.
    Currently, CIP has 12 publishing subsidiaries specializing in areas such as chemical industry and material, environment and architecture, biology and medicine, life and health, mechanics and electronics, business management and humanities, higher education, professionaleducation, scientific periodicals, and digital publishing. In addition, CIP is also equipped with a sales company, a printing company, as well as six management centers engaged in information, external cooperation, finance, property, as well as several other offices. Emphasizing quality, efficiency, and speed in its developmental strategy, CIP has grown at an ever rapid rate while enjoyed an improvement in quality and capital return and has maintained a diverse selection of works.
    With the market as its guide and with the focus toward scientific and educational publishing, CIP has utilized its advantages to gain “a foothold with chemical industry, while aiming for the greater scientific community”. CIP has optimized its publishing toward areas such as chemistry, chemical industry, material, environment, light industry, energy, mechanics, electrics, biology, medicine, pharmacology, safety, mass health, architecture, agriculture, computer science, business & management, humanities, and children’s books. Among these areas, books regarding to chemistry, chemical science, environment, material, energy, mechanics, safety, pharmacology, biology and agriculture are dominant in the national retail market.
    Educational material has always been an important focus of CIP, especially in regard to higher education and professional educational materials. With works tending to the need of graduate students, undergraduates, two year colleges, as well as high school education, adult education and professional training, CIP has accumulated more than 4,000 types of material, with an annual sales of more than six million copies.
    In 2007, CIP has entered the mass reading market, and after years of development, has grown itself into areas such as mass health, life and style, cosmetics and popular science. In accordance with industry rules, CIP has grown its periodical steadily and with sharp focus, with the aim of increasing their academic quality and influence in order to improve their brands. On the other hand, digital publishing will be an important of the development strategy for CIP during the twelfth five year plan; it is also one of the four major projects aimed to fortify CIP’s advantage as a scientific publisher, with the goal of exploring a model in which paper publishing and digital publishing could co-exist and proper together.
    CIP has always paid particular attention to the market of books, and the marketing arm of CIP has maintained friendly relationships with Xinhua bookstore, online bookstore, and other private bookstores around the country to form strong sales networks, therefore providing CIP with strong competitive advantages in regard to retails, libraries and educational institutions, making sales an important strength to CIP as a whole
    CIP has been awarded by the Publication Administration of General Administration of News and Publication China Copyright Association and China Publishing Association for its trustworthiness and quality of service, and has been named one of the “best partners” as well as a “five star supplier” by its clients.
    CIP has also maintained close working relationships with publishers worldwide, and has cooperated closely with 816 foreign publishers and 70 literary agencies. In the past five years, CIP has imported 407 works, while exporting 156, making copyright a two way straight.
    “Readers’ needs our goals” is the aim of CIP, as the company strives forwards. With the coming of the period of the twelfth five year plan, the entire staff of CIP aims to take advantages of opportunities and innovate in the coming year to build the company into one of the most distinguished, vital, profitable modern publishing companies in China.

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